Wrapping Up CES 2010

The 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show has come and gone, and those of us here at SoundVision were eagerly anticipating some of the major new products announcements that are bound to lay the groundwork for the year to come in the home entertainment industry. If this year’s show was any indication, 2010 will be the breakout year for 3D TV, with new 3D-capable models on the way from nearly every TV manufacturer, including our favorites Panasonic and Samsung. It’s also clear that Internet-connected TVs are quickly becoming the standard, echoing our belief that the time for enterprise-grade home networks is now.PanasonicPanasonic pushed the plasma TV size barrier a few years ago with the introduction of a 103-inch 1080p plasma HDTV, and they’re pushing the envelope once again with a new 152-inch 3D 4K2K ultra-high definition plasma display at this year’s CES. (Thanks to our friends over at SlashGear for the image of the plasma on display at Panasonic’s CES booth.) This new mega TV features a resolution of 4,096 x 2,160 pixels, or a resolution more than twice as higher as your ordinary 1080p HDTV. As expected, the picture quality on this beast of a TV is reported to be stunning. No word on pricing yet.Just when you thought Samsung’s line of ultra-thin, LED edge-lit LCD HDTVs couldn’t get any thinner, they did. The new 9000-series of Samsung LED LCD TVs made their debut at this year’s CES, and like many of the other new displays introduced this year, include 3D processing capability when paired with a 3D-capable Blu-ray Disc player. Like Samsung’s other HDTV products, the 9000-series includes built-in WiFi to access online content, such as YouTube streaming and Netflix video-on-demand. Check out Engadget’s hands-on post for the skinny on this amazing new ultra-thin TV.It’s clear that the real star of this year’s CES was 3D, and we’ll definitely be seeing and learning more about this emerging technology as the year progresses. Stay tuned!

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