Living Your Better Life Starts Here

401K Matching

PTO Whenever You Want It

No Permission Needed

Annual Profit Sharing

Usually About One Month Salary

Never Work Weekends

Rarely Work Evenings

Family Insurance On Us

After Five Years

Provided Tools and Consumables

Fully Stocked Kitchen

Be Treated

Like A Professional

Our team are success driven professionals that go above and beyond to provide systems and experiences that exceed client expectations. Our team is the best in the industry, so SoundVision sets them up for success personally and professionally.  If you’re looking for a work life balance at a company that gives you the autonomy to do what you need to succeed – then consider joining our team.

We Only Do Exciting Projects

Stop doing boring jobs. At SoundVision, we want to do projects that are cool and excite us! We don’t just hang TV’s every day, but we’re doing the big stuff: TV’s sliding out of walls, estate-wide lighting control system, high-rise motorized shades, home-wide audio systems, hidden home theaters and more. Meanwhile, we’re going to send you whoever you want to be professional trained and compensate you appropriately as your skills develop.

Perks You Won't See Anywhere Else

There have been two recent promotions to Project Management this year alone. Your future is in your hands!

We want to make sure you have the skills to excel. We want you to be trained on the systems you’re installing so that you not only feel you’re the expert, but ARE the expert! 

We want you to expand your skills and learn something that excites you. We pay for you to attend one major training of your choice every year! Wether that’s CEDIA, getting certified with a manufacturer or something else, we got you covered. Just a part of what we do to invest in our team to ensure their success.

The entire company meets twice a month where anyone can either show off their work or ask the team how to further succeed. Your voice always has a chance to be heard and you can make a big impact here.

We want to you to have all the right tools you need to succeed. If we don’t have a tool you need, go buy it with your company card. If it’s something you feel others would want, share it at the team meeting. We want to empower you as a professional to get what you feel you need to succeed.

If there’s something you need to succeed or will make you more efficient, then you can go get it without permission. We want you to have whatever you need to succeed.

Looking to separate work from personal on your phone? We understand. We will provide you a work phone that is also available for personal use.

What We Value

Passionate, Driven for Success​​

Take ownership and pride in your work. Strive to create the best quality products. Have the humility to see the value of your work and the confidence to stand by it.

Honest Professionalism

Have integrity, be honest. Always looking out for the greater good of our customers, partners and organization.

Team Players

Willing to help others. Treat our customers and colleagues the way you want to be treated.

Detail Oriented

Don't skip steps. You do things the correct way, not the fast way.

Should you Apply? Absolutely! We’re always looking for great talent!