Open floor plan with a TV in a custom cabinet with home-wide audio in the ceiling

Easy to Use Multi-Room Audio

Bring your space to life by filling your home with easy to use home audio. Invite everyone over and enjoy background music throughout your home without a speaker in sight. Our goal is to provide home audio systems that combines aesthetics and performance to deliver the ultimate value. 

Decide your desired performance level on a room to room basis. No matter your choice, we will design a system that complements your space. You want to be able to listen to your favorite music in any room, not look around at a sea of speakers. We give special attention to the aesthetic impact of our solutions and customize them to each individual space.

Invisible Speakers

Small Aperture Series

In-Ceiling Speakers

In-Wall Speakers

Passively Listen To Music Anywhere​

Finally listen to music in all the places you couldn’t. Listen to soft instrumental while relaxing in the tub, or rock out while cooking in the kitchen! You can even take your music outside. No matter where you want to listen, we have a solution for you that will blend in seamlessly with your existing home.

Exterior-Mounted Speakers

Garden Series

Bookshelf Speakers

No Limit to What You Can Play

Our multi-room audio system makes it easy to play from all the major streaming services. Play your favorite Amazon Music station, sing along to your Spotify playlist or read along to Audible. There are over 40 streaming services supported, so there’s no limit to what you can stream. If you wish to play your personal collection, you can also connect your home audio system to a server or auxiliary input.

Make Music an Experience With A Turntable

Celebrate sound with the natural charisma only a record can provide. Sort through your vinyl records and play it throughout your home. Time to relive a time when music was celebrated. Select your favorite records and bring the charisma of vinyl to any room in your home.

Effortless Operation

We believe systems should only exist if they’re intuitive to use. Our home audio systems can be controlled by any device on your network. The controls are easy to use so that anyone can pick it up and immediately start enjoying music. You can quickly change volume and group multiple speakers.

Stunning Media Sound Systems

Bang and Olufsen Side Home Audio System Speakers

Soundbar Setups

For casual listeners, our sound bar systems deliver a big punch from a small package. Our sound systems analyze how sound moves around your space. It then tunes the volume of each individual speaker so that the TV fills your room with sound.

Hear Voices Clearly

One of the most annoying issues when watching TV is when you can’t understand what is being said! Our Audio TV systems are designed with voice enhancing technologies to ensure you can always hear crisp dialogue. Focus on enjoying your movie, not trying to figure out what’s being said.

Incognito System

We use a variety of hidden speaker designs such as in-wall, in-ceiling and behind-wall (invisible) speakers. Now you can focus on enjoying the movie and leave your space unobstructed by speakers and other hardware. We paint-match the speaker grills so they transparently blend into your space. You have to go out of your way to find the speakers. The result? Small visual impact with big sound.

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