Are You Building a Custom Home or Doing a Major Remodel?

Building a custom home or doing a large remodel is a dream few people get to realize. What a fun opportunity this is going to be! With the walls open and the floorplan flexible, you’ll be able to create anything you want. Many people take this opportunity to future proof their home and integrate technology with the décor to make the house feel awesome. 

We Know A Thing About Construction

For over twenty years we’ve been working with the top architects, designers and builders in Napa, Sonoma, Marin and San Francisco counties. We live in construction, so we know what’s important to each of your subcontractors and how to speak their language. As a result, you’ll find us working harmoniously with your home building partners.

Let's Create Something Exciting

Time For The Toys

After tirelessly selecting finishes, it’s time to add the wow factor. We want to integrate technology around the designs of your home, not the other way around. What we can do is beyond imagination for many, so take a sneak peak at how we can integrate technology to enhance your time at home.

Great Home Audio That's Easy To Use

Do you want room-filling sound that’s easy to use? What if it was designed around your existing decor so it couldn’t be seen? We figured you would like that. We always design our systems to sound brilliant. We can bring audio to your home and the backyard so you can host a party in your backyard or jam out in the shower! Home wide audio makes sure no task in your home is mundane. Who wouldn’t want to listen to music while they cook?

Motorized Shades?

Most don’t even consider motorized shades and other motorized window treatments. They allow you to keep the heat out and protect your finishes without breaking a sweat. No hanging chains, no hassle. Control them on a schedule (such as raising at sunset) or with the press of a button. Our motorized window treatments come in hundreds of styles to complement any space.

A TV Can Do What?

We love TVs here at SoundVision. Unfortunately many of our clients come in telling us they won’t put a TV in rooms where they would watch one. Why? A TV doesn’t fit into the design of the space. We have engineered solutions to solve this exact problem. We have a number of options to disguise or hide TVs in any room. Now you can have TVs where you’ll enjoy them without compromise.

Lighting As It Was Intended

Light switches made sense when there was a single light in a room. Now with layered lighting and dimmers, we end up with multiple light switches that are unintuitive and create wall clutter. Our lighting keypads will make sure your lights look perfect every time. We can implement keypads that complement the architecture of your home. 

Network: A Strong Backbone

Nearly all technology relies on the internet. Even our entertainment such as streaming YouTube TV or browsing the web. A poor network can taint your experience at home. No matter how nice your home is, an unreliable or convoluted network can ruin your digital experiences at home. That’s why we design our networks with reliability and simplicity in mind.

Surveillance A Glance Away

Never worry about what happens when you’re away from home. Our smart intercoms allow you to see who’s at the door. You can talk to friends at your door and let them in from anywhere. Get alerts when someone is dropping off a package and watch them drop it behind your front gate. Or surveil your entire property with our surveillance systems.

You're in Good Hands

Come to our design studio and we’ll work together to see how technology can enhance your home life. We have a lot on display so you can feel it, experience and hear it. We want to get you whatever works best for you. We will work seamlessly with your design partners and can even build infrastructure for later expansion.

Work With The Pros

Top 100 Integrator in the U.S. 15 Years

We take pride in being the best integrators in the world. Our work has received national recognition in home construction and remodels. As a result, we been ranked one of the top 100 businesses in our industry 15 times.

Designed For Your Needs, Not Sales

If we sell you high-end products that don't work for you or constantly break down, then you won't be happy with your solution. A good system is one that works every time just as you expected. We incentivize you to refer SoundVision to your friends by designing systems that always work, are tailored to you and make you excited every time you use them.

Let's Bring Your Vision to Life

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We only operate in San Francisco, Marin, Napa, and Sonoma counties in California.
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Customer-Centric Work

Our design, engineering, installation and programming processes always begin with the end result in mind.

Beautiful Workmanship

Our goal is to provide systems and experiences that exceed expectations and result in strong referrals.

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Invisible Speakers

Small Aperture Series

In-Ceiling Speakers

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Passively Listen To Music Anywhere​

Finally listen to music in all the places you couldn’t. Listen to soft instrumental while relaxing in the tub, or rock out while cooking in the kitchen! You can even take your music outside. No matter where you want to listen, we have a solution for you that will blend in seamlessly with your existing home.

Exterior-Mounted Speakers

Garden Series

Bookshelf Speakers

Closed Open

Sheer Window Shades

Enjoy your view while cutting down the harshness of lighting. The fabric comes in a number of colors and various opacities. The best part? You can see out but no one can see in.

Privacy Shades

Create privacy without darkening the room! Our privacy shades diffuse the light passing through. Protect your finishes while creating privacy in your space.

Blackout Shades

Block out the sun at the touch of a button. Our blackout shades come in a number of fabrics and designs to tie in with your décor.

Trap Door Screen

Frame TV

Transform TV

Bring TV to all the rooms you thought you couldn’t. Our disguised TV solutions allow you to put a TV anywhere. Want art to roll up to reveal the TV? We’ve done it. Want a TV to looks like art when it’s off? We’ve done it. TV’s that come out of chests, drop down from the ceiling, disguised as mirrors. We have done it all.

There Is a Solution For You Too

Come by our showroom and experience these solutions first hand. Let us understand how you live in your home so we can pair you with technology that will match your lifestyle.

Moving Art Screen

Hidden Chest TV

Mirror TV

Let’s make your home into your dream home!

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You get to pick the first step. How would you like to move from here?

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Fill out our form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Or, skip the wait and call us.

(415) 456 – 7000

We only operate in San Francisco, Marin, Napa, and Sonoma counties in California.
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