Brands We Use

We get our products from the biggest names in TV, audio, lighting, networking and motorized window treatments. Pick from over 50 brands. No matter your choice, we’ll make sure your system is comprised of the finest and most reliable systems.

The home entertainment and control industry is constantly evolving. Tons of emerging technologies are competing to bring their unfinished products to market. In order to ensure your systems are reliable, we are committed to filtering out unreliable and unfinished systems as they come to market. Nonetheless, you can rest assured that your system is built with state-of-the-art components. 

Our Audio Partners

Our home-wide audio solutions allow you play your favorite music throughout your home without being surrounded by a sea of speakers. Our clients love our home-wide audio because it’s so easy to control from any phone, tablet or computer. You can even play your favorite turntables throughout your system! When our SoundVision technicians install your home-wide audio system, we can pair the system with any speaker of your choice! Play from over 40 streaming services including Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Apple Music and many more.

Invisible Speakers

Small Aperture Series

SoundVision is a licensed dealer and installer of the following audio brands:

Our Motorized Window Treatment Partners

SoundVision is a licensed dealer and installer of the following motorized shade brands:

Our motorized window treatments allow you to protect your finishes, get more privacy and cut down the sun’s harshness. Pick from hundreds of fabrics or bring in your own. Our shades are fully customizable to ensure they harmoniously fit with your decor. 

Recessed Mounting

Pocketed Mounting

Motorized Drapery

Elegant Operation

Our Network & Integration Partners

With more smart devices, streaming and working from home, a strong and reliable home network is more important than ever. That’s why here at SoundVision, we engineer your network based on your property and the devices you own. Our network guidelines ensure you get home wide network coverage, inside and outside!

Our home integration systems make your entire home work as a single system. Add conditional logic to make your life easier, such as your driveway lights turning on when your gate opens after sunset. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Schedule a consultation today to see the cool systems SoundVision can create for you!

SoundVision is a licensed dealer and installer of the following networking and home integration brands:

Our Video Partners​

SoundVision is a licensed dealer and installer of the following video brands:

We create TV experiences large and small! Whether you’re looking for a TV with a sound bar or a dedicated home theater, SoundVision is here to bring you the best TV experience possible.

One common problem we hear from our clients is they want a TV in a certain room, but they don’t want to see a giant black screen on the wall. We have a variety of solutions to solve this problem such as TV’s that lower from the ceiling, reveal themselves from cabinets, disguise themselves as art when they’re off and tons more!

Talk to one of our SoundVision designers at 415-456-7000. We’ll look at your plans, show you solutions we feel fit the space and let you decide which one is best for you!

Our Most Popular Hidden TV

Lighting Brands We Use​

Our lighting control systems are designed around you, not a single room! We replace rows of switches or dimmers with a single lighting keypad that can control multiple rooms throughout your home. Press “bedtime” on the keypad in your bedroom to turn off all the lights except for bedrooms. The possibilities are endless! The system is so intuitive that anyone can walk into your home and immediately understand how to control your lights. 

Our keypads come in a variety of colors, finishes and styles to complement any space. Give us a call at 415-456-7000 to schedule a consultation and our SoundVision designers will work with you to design a lighting control system for your home.

SoundVision is a licensed dealer and installer of the following video brands:

Intercom Brands We Use

SoundVision is a licensed dealer and installer of the following intercom brands:

The home is one of the most personal and private spaces in our lives. Now you can see who’s at your door from anywhere in the world. Tie in our intercoms with your gate or smart lock so you can let your friends in. Or use the built in intercom to ask the delivery person drop a package inside as you watch them do so. 

With our intercom systems, you can rest assured that you can see what happens outside your home no matter where you are in the world. Contact SoundVision today and pair our intercom solutions with our surveillance systems for extra peace of mind.

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