Network and Integration

Good home integration should make so much sense you don’t even notice it. Your home systems no longer feel independent because they work so well as one.

Conditional Logic

We can help you determine the automation solutions that will make your life easier, or you can tell us what you want your home to do.

System Works As One

It doesn’t matter how many systems you have in your home; they should all work in harmony as if they’re a single system. With the press of a button, the lights can go dark, your TV will turn on to the Apple TV, the home sound system will switch to TV audio and the shades will lower if the sun is still out. 

Welcome Home

You’re coming home late at night to a dark home. However, your home knows that if you unlock the gate after sunset that it should turn on driveway lights, unlock the front door, and turn on the Foyer lights to 50% brightness if it isn’t currently on something higher. The same logic can be used to turn off all the lights when you’re gone.

Vacation Mode

If you’re going on vacation, just activate vacation mode from your phone! Now your house will mimic your lights and shades patterns from the last two weeks. It’ll also do it all at 75% the brightness and only exterior rooms to save on power.


We know how crucial a robust network is to a smart home. When a network goes down, the gates, surveillance and intercoms can all go offline.

If there’s too many wireless devices in an area, then the wireless networks become less efficient. We design our networks with reliability in mind so that it is always running and your smart accessories can still work even when the internet is down.

Easy to Use, As It Should Be

No more connecting to “5G-Extended” or switching networks as one becomes weak. With us, you connect to one network and your wireless devices will seamlessly switch to the fastest access point.

Full Property Coverage

There’s no dead spots. We take a look at your floor plan and use our expertise to make sure to have enough access points to cover every floor of your home but no so many that they create interference. The yard is an extension of the home, so we’ll make sure you get wireless access from the frontline of your driveway to the far corner of your backyard!

Remote Monitoring

When you have a problem with any of your systems, we get an alert when those systems go down. We can remotely troubleshoot to try to bring systems back online. If we can’t fix it remotely, we’ll come out and fix your system so that you can be up and running. If you don’t notice a system is down, we’ll call you and let you know we’d like to fix it.

Carrying Top Brands

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