Motorized Window Treatments

People get so caught up in the fabric choices that they forget to ask if they should have motorized shades. Motorized window treatments look even better than manual ones. It’s effortless to raise or lower them, and you can schedule them to automatically raise and lower throughout the day. Your shades will always be in the right position.

Protect Finishes and Save Energy

You have windows facing a stunning view, but two to six hours a day the sun is hammering down in your space. Your home gets hotter, your HVAC works harder and your finishes slowly get ruined. With regular shades, you end up leaving your manual shades down. With motorized window treatments, you can have your East shades lower in the morning, your West shades lower in the afternoon, and all your motorized shades raise by sundown. Or wake up naturally to the sun by raising your blackout motorized window treatments at sunrise. Now you’ll save energy without compromising your views.

Effortlessly Control Motorized Shades

The more manual shades you have, the more work it is to move them. With motorized window treatments, raising or lowering your shades happens instantly from a remote, light keypad, phone or even a voice assistant like Google or Alexa. Raise your shades from the comfort of your bed to help you wake up naturally.

Motorized Shades: Styles That Match You

Closed Open

Sheer Motorized Shades

Our sheer shades allow you to enjoy your view while cutting down the harshness of lighting. The fabric comes in a number of colors and various opacities. The best part? You can see out but no one can see in.

Privacy Motorized Shades

Create privacy without darkening the room. Our privacy shades diffuse the light passing through. Protect your finishes while creating privacy in your space.

Blackout Motorized Shades

Block out the sun at the touch of a button. Our blackout shades come in a number of fabrics and designs to tie in with your décor.

Recessed Mount
Surface Mounted
Palladiom Mount

Just as Beautiful When They’re Up

Our shades look just as stunning up as they do down. Accent your space with a palladium rolling shade on a brushed aluminum roller, or go for a completely transparent look by leaving your shades recessed in the ceiling when not in use. Alternatively, you can highlight your shades by putting them behind an enclosure. Match the finish of the enclosure to the room or put it on display behind an accenting fabric.

Install Motorized Shades Without Opening Your Walls

Our battery powered solutions are the perfect solution for those who want to keep their walls closed. They use the same robust design as the wired ones and the battery lasts up to four years! It uses standard D-size batteries that are easily replaceable. No sacrifice on fabric or size choices.

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