Zero Tolerance for Outages: Safeguarding Critical Home Internet Connectivity with Dual ISPs

We often joke that people need their internet more than water. You can live for three days without water, but many can’t imagine their lives without the internet. To most people, an internet outage is an inconvenience. However, some of us need a connection available and ready for that critical moment when we really need it. For those people, the opportunity cost of an internet outage is too large. Thankfully, SoundVision has created a solution that ensures your internet connection will never rely on a single Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Why You Get So Many Internet Connection Issues

While living in the Bay Area offers a number of treasures, one of the major frustrations is the constant internet outages. Your home internet can go down for a number of reasons. Sometimes, it’s due to ISP infrastructure. Creating a network for everyone requires a ton of specialized infrastructure throughout the Bay Area. While internet outages can happen for a variety of reasons, something as simple as heavy rain can affect your internet connection.

The sporadic weather in the bay can cause network issues and even outages.

Sometimes you won’t even get a full outage. Instead, you’ll get sporadic small outages or irregular slowdowns. You’re even more likely to experience issues when the weather gets worse.

Whether you’re in the midst of a crucial online task or streaming your favorite show on YouTube TV, internet outages are frustrating. For those who work from home, these interruptions can be unacceptable.

Seamless Continuity: Redundant Secondary ISP for Uninterrupted Connectivity

While we can all accept that internet outages are out of our control, it doesn’t mean we have to be affected by them. SoundVision is now offering dual-ISP internet solutions. Our integration allows your home to seamlessly switch between two internet providers. There’s no connection interruption or setting changes needed. This handoff happens automatically and goes completely unnoticed by anyone using the internet connection.

A Drastic Increase In Uptime

To emphasize how much this increases your uptime, let’s say your current internet provider offers 99% uptime. That means your internet would be down for nearly 88 hours every year, or over seven hours every month. That’s nearly an entire work day worth of internet every month! However, if you add an additional second network that also has 99% uptime, your annual downtime would decrease to under three seconds a year.

Of course, this math isn’t directly translatable. Internet providers state they offer significantly more uptime, generally 99.9% or higher. However, if you’re reading along and feel this solution may be for you, then you understand the pain of losing an internet connection at the most crucial moment, even if it were to only go down three hours a year.

Safeguarding Against Infrastructure Failures With Strategic ISP Selections

To minimize the chances of both your ISPs going down at the same time, we selectively pick two ISPs to provide internet to your home simultaneously. These ISPs are chosen strategically to ensure they don’t rely on the same infrastructure. For example, if you used AT&T and Xfinity as your two networks and neither of those connections were fiber, they would be very likely to both go down in a weather-related outage. Even having one connection being fiber isn’t a guarantee that your network will stay up.

We generally use one ground-based ISP, and another wireless ISP. A ground-based ISP would include Xfinity, Sonic and AT&T. They rely on copper or fiber. While these are prone to outages, they are a great primary ISP for their fast speeds and low latency. Meanwhile, wireless ISPs providers are largely unaffected by floods, weather, or other common ground-based infrastructure issues like traditional ISPs. They are 5G-based or even Satellite based. We commonly use Starlink, but Xfinity and Verizon are now offering 5G solutions for your home.

Equipping Your Home With Critically Dependable Home Internet

For those who need to have nearly 100% internet uptime, our dual ISP solution has been proven to safeguard your home internet connection against traditional outages. When designing your home network, we prioritize full coverage, reliability and ease of use. That means your network has no dead spots, always stays running and will seamlessly switch between ISPs on your behalf to ensure your home internet is always dependable. If you’re ready for the most reliable internet connection the Bay Area offers, call us at SoundVision at 415-456-7000 or send a message through our contact page.

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