Four Unique Motorized Shades Installs In Napa County

We love life under the California sun. However, the sun’s rays can cause harsh glare and unwanted wear to home finishes. That’s why SoundVision installs motorized shades and drapes into dozens of customer homes in the Northern Bay Area every year!

While motorized shades have a number of unique benefits, one of the most unique benefits is their ability to effortlessly work with any decor. One place SoundVision installs motorized shades is Napa County. Those customers can have unique design challenges that only motorized shades can tackle. In this article, we’ll share four unique ways motorized shades have helped our Napa County customers tackle their design goals. Ready to be inspired? Let’s dive in!

Easily Cover Big Windows!

When we were reviewing this Napa home, we immediately realized that these windows were huge! For this master bedroom, the windows were roughly 20 feet high. Even if manual shades were an option, it would take a ton of work yanking a chain to cover this window completely.

Additionally, this was a design-sensitive room, so a hanging chain would have never been acceptable. The customer didn’t want the shade the shade to be seen when it’s raised, and they wanted to use a custom fabric. Although this fabric was heavier, the Lutron shades we installed in this Napa home were up to the task. 

Thanks to a close working relationship with the builder, we had a niche cut out in the ceiling for the shade mechanism. Once the shade was raised into place, we put a flap over the shade color matched to the ceiling. This way, when the shade is raised, the only evidence of its existence is a thin slit in the ceiling just large enough for the shade to slide through.

The final step is programming the system. We added this shade to the lighting control system, along with the other couple dozen shades SoundVision installed throughout this Napa home. The end result offers a large viewscape into the Napa hills when the shade is raised. When the shade is lowered, the glare into the room is drastically reduced.

Nowhere to Hide

This Napa home came with a unique challenge that made hiding the shade mechanism quite difficult. This wall was slanted with the shape of the roof. Although we have shades that can mount sideways, it’s generally best to install horizontal shades whenever possible. That’s when we realized this home’s unique steel beam architecture could be useful. 

We decided to capitalize on this design and use the steel beam elements as an opportunity to hide the shade. In collaboration with the builder, we created a custom enclosure for the motorized shade to match the style and depth of the steel beams.

This allowed us to mount the shades in between the window frames. Once we had this custom enclosure over the shade roller, there was no sign that any shades were installed on this wall! After SoundVision installed the motorized shades into this Napa home, the shades seemed to appear like magic!

Retaining The Architecture

The architecture of this Napa home proved to make a seamless shade installation difficult. The extensive wood design in the ceiling meant an exposed shade roller could detract from the space’s decor. What’s more, the unique design of the pitched roof prevented us from recessing a shade into the ceiling. This imposed some unique challenges that made covering these arched windows difficult.

Instead of trying to recess the shade, we had a custom valence made that complements the architectural style. With this valence, SoundVision installed motorized shades into this Napa home without any visible shade rollers. And like all our installations, at the press of a button, the customer could effortlessly cover all these windows and protect their finishes from the harsh UV rays.

Shades Proudly On Display

Not every customer wants their shades to be hidden. In fact, some customers see motorized shades as a way to add to their decor. This kitchen has a smaller window than the previous examples. As a result, this customer felt it was best to have SoundVision install a Lutron Palladiom shade in their Napa County home. 

The Lutron Palladiom shade is a beautiful, modern exposed shade roller. The Palladiom shade can be customized in various finishes to match your decor.

Here is another room of theirs, where they opted to cover the dining room windows with a matte white-finish Palladiom.

Motorized Shades For Your Home

Feeling inspired by these unique installations? If you’re ready to transform your space with motorized shades, SoundVision is here to help. Whether you’re in Napa County, Marin County, Sonoma County, or San Francisco, our team can bring the benefits of motorized shades and drapes to your home. Don’t wait to elevate your living environment – contact us today at 415-456-7000 to schedule a consultation and discover the possibilities for your home!

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