Our Five Favorite Hidden TV Installs

We see people design absolutely stunning spaces without a TV in the room. The problem is, they never spend any time in it because there’s no TV! Thankfully, our customers don’t have to suffer with this issue. Our hidden TVs allow you to sit down for a movie in stunning spaces without a permanent black rectangle on the wall.

If you’ve only had traditional TVs, it may be hard to imagine how you can hide a TV. A hidden TV can be as simple as a TV that displays artwork when it’s off or as crazy as a massive 120” screen dropping from the ceiling. Here are a few of our favorite hidden TVs that we’ve installed.

Displayed Artwork Hidden TV

A fireplace with a gorgeous backing is timeless. Hanging artwork above the fireplace can be complimentary. However, a giant black rectangle can feel like an aesthetic afterthought. For this customer, SoundVision installed a Frame TV into this Kentfield home.

You can take this concept to the next level with a mount that lowers your TV to the perfect height. Now, you can maintain the aesthetics of your home without sacrificing viewing comfort.

The Lifting Art Hidden TV

SoundVision has done dozens of TV installations in Belvedere, but installations like this stand out as especially unique. While modern Frame TVs are quite good at imitating art in all lighting situations, there is nothing like the real thing. Above this fireplace is a real, one-of-a-kind artwork. You can touch it and feel the grains of the canvas. 

Of course, we wouldn’t only be talking about the nostalgia of authentic artwork in an article about Hidden TVs. Like many of our installs, it all changes at the press of a button. Instead of changing the artwork into a TV, the artwork quietly rises to reveal a TV. 

Combine a setup like this with our invisible speakers, and there would be no signs that we installed a TV into this Belvedere home.

Samsung Frame TV With Custom Frame

This Novato home wanted to do something unique to tie their home together. While this customer also used a Frame TV, they opted for a custom frame. The custom frame gives this Frame TV a unique look that complements their space exactly as they see fit. The end result is simply nothing short of elegant!

From Normal Space To Dedicated Theater

Have you ever wanted a dedicated home theater but didn’t have a dedicated space? You can instantly transform your room into a theater at the press of a button! While it won’t match the quality of a sound-treated room, it’s undoubtedly eons better than the alternative of a traditional flat screen.

This Sonoma County resident has a setup that turns this inconspicuous space into a massive dedicated theater! With one press, motorized blackout shades cover all the windows. The screen lowers from the ceiling to the most optimal height. The projector is discreetly hidden on the back shelf. Lastly, the 5.1 sound system and speakers are hidden in the ceiling to stay out of sight. The end experience has to be experienced firsthand to appreciate it.

The Frame TV Perfectly Customized

Sometimes beauty is in the simplicity of the installation. As part of one of our San Francisco installations, SoundVision installed a Frame TV into this San Francisco home. Compared to the first installation, you can see how versatile this artistic TV can be. The brown frame with rustic artwork perfectly complements the design and architecture of this space. 

Like all our Frame TV installations, this is fully customizable by you! If the space changes, so can your TV.

Getting Your Own Hidden TV

Are you feeling inspired by some of these concepts? Or have you thought of your own? Or are you looking for guidance on what you should do? SoundVision is here to help bring your vision to life with the perfect blend of quality experiences and untouched home aesthetics. If you want to see what we can do for you, call us at 415-456-7000.

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