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Home Theater Transformed with Secret Wine Room

We live in an area where the cost of living is higher than most, so utilizing your spaces to the fullest capacity has become crucial. The homeowners were able to get multiple uses out of this elegant room by allowing it to be transformed from a library into a home theater, and then so much more…

For daily use the room was to appear as a library, so the theater components had to be discreet. The projector is hidden in the mill work above the double doors, the projector screen drops down from the crown molding in the soffit above the cabinetry, the high-performance speakers are behind the mesh panels down below for an awesome surround sound experience.

The whole point of this room is that it is a quaint, comfortable library, until it’s movie time and “theater mode” is activated…. then prepare to get your socks knocked off!

The lights dim, the 110″ projector screen is lowered and the high-performance theater grade speakers are turned on, ready to provide your family and guests a truly amazing audio/video experience. To any guest this room is one of the coolest home theaters they have seen to date, but what they overlooked is arguably the best part….

The Secret Wine Room

The super cool bonus about this “library transformed theater” is the rotating cabinetry. One of the wood paneled shelves actually doubles as a secret passage way that brings you into a room unbeknown to guests. When you realize which wall it is, you are able to push through and next thing you know you are in their personal wine cellar complete with a game of chess, as seen in the slideshow below.

Imagine sitting in the elegantly transformed library/home theater. “Would you like a glass of wine? No problem…” Look no further than the revolving cabinetry that leads straight to the wine cellar.

A library, home theater, wine cellar and chess room all confined into a single room, now that’s making the most of your space!

Allowing your room to be transformed for multiple uses is not only practical, but refreshing. We’d love to help transform your next space, call us today to set up a meeting and brainstorm your next home theater transformation!

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