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Music Service Spotlight ♫

We have moved into the music streaming era where any song, album, or live performance is readily available at your fingertips. With so many different music apps available on Sonos how will you know which one is right for you? Some of the lesser known streaming services could suit your listening needs even better than what you are using now.

Take a look at our music service spotlight to see which app fits your lifestyle best to transform your listening experience at home. 


SIRIUS XM Radio logo. (PRNewsFoto/SIRIUS XM Radio)
  •  Sonos allows XM subscribers access to enjoy SiriusXM Internet Radio. SiriusXM provides commercial-free music, as well as sports, news, talk and entertainment, you’ll never know what you may come across.
    • 30 day free trial,  XM Internet Radio for $14.99 a month.


  • Users choose a song or artist and a personalized radio station is curated based on musical qualities of your selection helping you discover new music and rediscover old favorites
    • Pro tip Right click any station and click “Add Variety” to include additional artists or tracks to create a station with multiple musical elements and genres! This creates the perfect station with a bit of something for everyone. Don’t forget to rename the station so you remember what you’re listening to.
    • Only $4.99 a month for Pandora-One, ad-free music, it’s totally worth it and our favorite here at the office.


  • Users obtain full access to entire albums and over 30 million tracks of virtually any artist or band you can think of. A solid choice when trying to stream your favorite albums.
    • Pro tip The Spotify desktop app gives you ability to create and share personal playlists to listen through the Sonos app.
    • 30 day free trial, $9.99 per month.


  • Deezer allows you to stream high definition audio from 35 million tracks as well as import your favorite MP3s for the best audio experience possible.
    • MP3s made music sharing simple, but the files needs to be compressed which leads to a significant loss in sound quality. Deezer allows you to listen to songs as the artist intended, learn more here.
    • Pro Tip Your music is 100% customized. You can listen to full albums or radio stations based on your favorite artists and it becomes aware of your likes and dislikes and chooses the next song based on your preferences.
    • Free trial, $9.99 a month if you  sign up for a full year and $14.99 if paid monthly


  • A completely free music service with professionally made playlists based on activities, mood or themes.
    • Their mission is  “to help you find the radio station that perfectly fits your mood or whatever you’re doing right now;” your personal soundtrack, if you will.
    • Recommended playlistBoogie Nights Pool Party via Songza
    • Free, free, FREE!


  • Sports lovers are now able to stream every MLB regular season and post season game LIVE through MLB Gameday Audio on their Sonos.
    • Only $19.99 for 2015, with no blackouts!


  • Introducing the first music streaming service that combines the best High Fidelity sound quality, High Definition music videos and expertly Curated Editorial.
    • Owned by Jay-Z, Tidal aims to change the future of music.
    • No ads, over 25 million songs, High quality sound so every song will sound better than it would on lower resolution services.
    • Free Trial, $9.99 for standard, and $19.99 for high-fidelity audio


  • Now your Sonos system can be used as an intercom or PA system.
    • Use your iPhone or iPad’s microphone to relay your voice to any Sonos speaker. Perfect for parties or announcing dinner time to the kids without shouting.
    • Download from the app store for $0.99!

“Our goal at Sonos is to provide music lovers with access to all the music on the planet,”

said John MacFarlane, CEO, Sonos, Inc. and Sonos is on their way to just that.


The newest update, Sonos 5.3 was released earlier this month , check out the Sonos blog for 3 tips to help make controlling the app easier!

If you have any further questions regarding Sonos or any music apps feel free to contact us today!

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