iPad Integration

ipad integration

Simplicity by Design

Imagine the ability to control every aspect of your house—including distributed audio, lighting, HVAC and more—all from your iPad or iPhone. It’s all possible with a Crestron home automation system from SoundVision.

When your home is outfitted with a Crestron or Lutron home automation system with iPhone or iPad control, your home works for you. Controlling the temperature inside your home is as easy as walking over to an in-wall mounted iPad, pulling out your ipod, or even using your iphone remotely. When paired with a Lutron HomeWorks lighting control system, your home theater remote is also linked to the room’s lights and motorized shades. Tap a button to watch a movie, and the lights dim and the shades lower automatically. Crestron can also control your home’s distributed audio system, allowing you to choose zones, programming and volume across your home.


When you install a Crestron system with iphone control imagine being able to:

  • Remotely control your home’s temperature before you get home
  • Control multiple homes from one iPhone.
  • Control your lights and shades while on vacation.
  • Control your audio/video and other electronic systems.


Expert Programming

Like every system SoundVision installs, we ensure your new Crestron home automation system will be simple to use from day one and be consistently reliable. SoundVision is home to the North Bay’s only Crestron Certified Programmer who works on every system we design and install. A system is only as good as the programming behind it, and with SoundVision’s expert service, your system is guaranteed to operate at peak performance.

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