A New, Cutting-Edge Solution to Avoid Internet Outages

If you live in the Bay Area, you’ve probably been frustrated at an internet outage. In fact, you’ve probably had an outage in the last few months. It is no secret that internet service providers have difficulty maintaining 100% uptime for their customers. We get dozens of calls a year of customers wondering if an outage is due to their equipment or their internet service provider. 

Sometimes these outages are due to bad weather. However, more often than not, they happen due to infrastructure equipment failures. If your internet provider uses 50 devices to keep your home connected to the internet, then that leaves 50 potential failure points to disrupt your service. It doesn’t matter if you’re working online or in the middle of streaming an action-packed movie; internet outages are frustrating. If you work from home, an internet outage can be catastrophic. Thankfully, we have a solution to keep you online even when Comcast (or your local provider) can’t. 

A Backup Internet Service Provider

The best way to combat internet outages is to have a backup internet provider. The backup provider can power your network when the primary provider goes down. Although this has been possible for a while, most internet providers relied on similar architecture. For example, if a fallen tree took out one internet provider, it was likely that other internet providers would go out as well. This defeated the purpose of having a second internet provider entirely!

New Technology Has Changed The Game

New technologies have provided alternative options that won’t be prone to the same issues as your primary internet provider. There are now wireless internet options that deliver fast speeds, such as Starlink or Fast 5G. Although they may not be as fast as your primary provider, these alternatives are more than fast enough to handle most people’s needs. They certainly provide a better option than being disconnected during an important meeting or project! These services will stream 4K beautifully and handle all your casual web browsing without issue. 

How SoundVision Creates A Reliable Backup

Merely paying for two internet providers does not create a reliable backup. They must be set up correctly. We use something called dual-WAN routers. This special networking equipment allows your network to accept two network providers. Then, SoundVision configures your home network to seamlessly transition between the two. That way when your main internet provider goes down, the backup will instantly take over. As the user, you won’t even notice!

If you want the security of an internet backup that works seamlessly, give us a call at 415-456-7000 or send us a message on our contact page.

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