A Fantastic Upgrade to Make Your Life Easier

Home automation used to be clunky. It didn’t work reliably, and it took a trained programmer to even set it up, Things have gotten much better, and our favorite home automation platform has taken another step in the right direction.

Control4 is an amazing platform for tying in every aspect of your home into a an easy-to-use package, from your entertainment systems, lights and shades, and door locks and security cameras. It is fast, robust, attractive, and best of all, it works.

It is cost efficient, doesn’t take an army to program the system, and with the new OS3 version of their iPhone app, the end user can even select favorites and adjust the interface to best fit their needs.

The new OS3 allows you to place any item from any part of a menu on the top screen as a “favorite.”


Just to add a cherry on top, the new Control4 OS3 takes the user experience a step further in the right direction by making access to the things you use the most more easy to get to. There is no longer a need to dial down into menus each time you want to watch TV or listen to your favorite music.


If you have an existing installation of Control4 and you would like to upgrade your system, give us a call to schedule a visit. Our showroom has several examples of different rooms all integrated with Control4.

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