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Sonance outdoor speakers hidden in the backyard

When we live somewhere as beautiful as the Bay Area, it’s hard to spend all our time cramped up inside. Our outdoor spaces are just as valuable as our indoor spaces. The weather out here makes nearly every day a great day to dine outside, play games on the patio, grill dinner on a summer afternoon or entertain friends. There are so many great reasons to spend time in our outdoor spaces, so our goal is to bring the best of the indoors to the outdoors. One of our most popular outdoor solutions is our outdoor audio systems for their discreet design and easy-to-use interface.

Most Popular: Sonance Discreet Speakers

Sonance outdoor speakers in someone's front landscape

Our most popular outdoor audio solutions are the Sonance outdoor audio kits. These systems come as a group of dark brown speakers to blend into your existing landscape. We commonly install them behind plants to minimize their visual impact. The Sonance speakers are also directional. We install them on the perimeter of your space and aim them inward. This directs the sound into your space instead of to your neighbors. Because the speakers are all over your space, the volume sounds the same anywhere. You can’t easily pinpoint where the speakers are! The only thing left for you to do is enjoy your favorite tunes! The outdoor audio packages come in three different flavors.

The Garden Series

The Garden Series from Sonance is our most popular solution. The sound is fantastic! The first time I heard it, I was blown away at how good they sound. The Garden Series can support up to 16 tweeters around your outdoor landscape. These speakers bring the excellent sound quality you expect from a premium speaker while still remaining discreet enough to blend into the landscape. They have some serious volume too and can fill up to 3,500 square feet with incredible sound. You can turn these all the way up and it doesn’t get distorted either, leaving you to enjoy them at any volume!

Sonance Sonarray discreet outdoor speakers hidden in the yard in front of a Spanish home.
Sonance outdoor speakers hidden in the backyard
Garden Series Subwoofer hidden in the outdoor garden area

It’s not just tweeters either, there’s also a 10” subwoofer to give the sound some depth. Even with its massive 10” driver, the subwoofer is just as discrete as the other speakers. It only shows about 9” of its 24” enclosure above ground, leaving it just low enough to still be easily hidden. All that remains visible is a dark brown, dome shaped canopy. 

These speakers sound amazing, it’s something you have to witness first hand to believe. We have them in our showroom along with other Sonance solutions. Give us a call at 415-456-7000 and schedule a time to come by. Tell us your favorite song and we’ll play it in our outdoor space.

The Landscape Series

The Landscape Series is the Garden Series turned up to 11. The drivers of all the speakers are from Sonance’s extreme performance division. If you really care about music or would consider yourself an audiophile, then the Landscape Series is for you. The 3.5” tweeters of the Garden Series have been upgraded to 4.5” or even 6.5”. The subwoofer gets a similar upgrade, moving from a 10” driver to a 12” or even 15”. These are also available for demo in our outdoor showroom.

The design itself is just as impressive as the audio. The finishes are all-weather proof like all of Sonance’s outdoor solutions, but also corrosion, scratch and chipping resistant. This protects the low-profile aesthetic of the system is preserved and protected from garden tools.

The Patio Series

On the other end of the spectrum is the Patio Series. The Patio Series is designed for more intimate spaces and can fill up to 1,000 square feet of outdoor space. Although bespoke to the Patio Series, they come with a similarly designed 3.5” tweeter like the Garden series, but only supports up to four speakers. The subwoofer is also turned down a little too, features a 150W 8” speaker instead of a 200W 10” like what is in the Garden Series. Nonetheless, the Patio Series is just as discreet as other Sonance offerings and is great for smaller spaces or more casual listening. 

Even Sound Dispersion Without Disrupting Your Neighbors

Because the sound comes out of multiple speakers dispersed throughout your outdoor space, the volume of your music remains constant as you move around your outdoor space. The Garden Series speakers are aimed inward, directing the sound into your space instead of to your neighbors. Because the volume is so even as you walk around, you can’t easily pinpoint where the speakers are. The only thing left for you to do is enjoy your favorite tunes!

We have these available in our showroom, it is something you have to experience first-hand. The music just exists in your outdoor space. Because the volume is so even as you walk around, you can’t easily pinpoint where the speakers are.

Most Traditional: Sonance Mariner

The Mariner is another excellent way to bring music to the outdoors. Unlike The Garden Series, the Sonance Mariner is designed to mount on a wall or under an eave. We have a number of creative ways to reduce the visual impact of the Mariners. If you feel the Mariners are for you, we’ll pair you with one of our SoundVision designers to determine the best places to put your Mariners for maximum sound and minimal visual impact.

Sonance Mariner 66 speakers on the side of a white home

The Mariners come in pairs. Although they can’t fill audio of an entire backyard like The Garden Series, they are great for smaller spaces. They don’t have a dedicated sub like The Garden Series, but we can easily add a sub for those who want heavy bass. The Mariners deliver excellent sound for around a fifth of the cost of The Garden Series.

Most Versatile: Sonos Move

Sonos Move on a table with a Sonos Roam in the background
Sonos Move being lifted from the handle.

The Sonos Move is a great option for those who only occasionally listen to music outside. The Sonos Move delivers impressive sound for its small size. The Sonos Move sits on a dark charging inside, bringing great music to your indoors. When you want to bring your music outside, simply grab the Move by the built-in handle and bring it outside! Set it on the counter while you cook at the grill, put it on the table while you eat outside, or set it down by the hot tub while you’re lounging! At $399, the Sonos Move is a fantastic value too.

Hear the Difference

Our showroom has The Garden Series, Mariners and Sonos Move all on display and available to demo. If you want to hear the difference to help decide what is best for your outdoor space, give us a call at 415-456-7000 and schedule a consultation!

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