Behind The Scenes of a SoundVision Project

At SoundVision, we make a point to leave every project with a clean, finished look. Every wire is hidden, and you will only see what you want to see. Your system will never have a messy feel to it, and everything will be neat and organized. However, the wires are still there, hidden in the walls, in the cabinets, and behind our products. It takes careful work to give your home this finished look. I am going to take you behind the scenes of one of our recent projects to allow you to see the effort behind our work.

Family Room

In the family room, we installed a 55” 4K LED Smart TV. This was installed on an articulating wall mount, allowing the TV hang elegantly in the space, and the screen can pull out and rotate to allow the owners to view the screen from the dining area. In the cabinet, we installed six Sonos Connect Amps connected to speakers throughout the residence. Each of these amps controls a zone of music in the house. We also installed a surround sound receiver in the family room which is connected to one Sonos zone. Next we connected the customer’s Xbox, Apple TV, Sonos Zone Player, Sony Blu-Ray Player, and cable box. All components in the room are easily operated with a universal remote control, allowing the customer to switch between all devices effortlessly. All devices were neatly wired, labelled, and organized in two cabinets under the TV, and remain completely out of sight. You can also see that “service loops” are left in the wiring that will allow components to be pulled out and serviced without the wiring coming disconnected.


In the office, we replaced the bulky and unsightly old wall mount with an ultra-thin Chief Articulating Wall Mount, allowing for a much cleaner look, along with more mobility and better rotation of the TV. Then we installed another ultra-thin 55” 4K LED Smart TV

Pool House

In the Pool House we installed an 85” 4K LED TV. We also mounted a Sonos play bar under the TV for better sound quality. We then connected the customer’s PlayStation 4, Apple TV, Blu-Ray Player, and cable box. There is also a wireless access point under this cabinet for excellent pool house and patio Wi-Fi coverage. Next we added two more Sonos Connect Amps for the customer’s outdoor audio system. All of these devices and systems are hidden in the cabinet under the TV except for the PS4. The wires are still hidden under the cabinet, but the system is resting on top of the counter to allow the customer to plug in controllers and switch games.

In the fire pit area next to the pool, we installed two Sonance Mariner Speakers in the trellis. At the Bocce Court, we installed two Episode Landscape Series Satellite Speakers with 8” woofers. There is one speaker on each end of the court to achieve full sound throughout the area. With the coverage of these four speakers, the customer is capable of playing music with a clean, clear sound throughout the yard. The fire pit and bocce court are two separate Sonos zones, all controlled from an app on the client’s phone or tablet.

When we finish a project, it will look simple and elegant. Nothing will be clustered, wires will be out of sight, and all systems will work together with no trouble. We do all the work so you can enjoy your systems with ease. If you have a project you would like our help with or are curious about the services we offer, give us a call or set up a meeting! We can show you some of the systems and products we offer in our brand new showroom!

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