Marin Home Theater: Start to Finish

Our client was looking to transform his storage room into a custom theater complete with 8 reclining theater seats and a genuine “theater feel.”

Theater Consists Of:

  • Sony 4K projector installed in projection room to eliminate projector fan noise.
  • 14 ft wide 4K Projection Screen
  • Simple remote control
  • 3 hidden powered subwoofers (behind screen and acoustical treatments)
  • 4 in-wall surround speakers
  • Pre-programmed lighting scenes
  • Nest automated thermostat
  • All equipment in separate A/V room easily accessible and serviceable for the future

The Screen & Projector

We chose a Sony 4K Home Theater ES Projector with 4x greater resolution than 1080p and 4K up-scaling that transforms HD content into a 4K experience. The projector was installed in a separate equipment room to eliminate noise from the projector fan. We used a 14’ Custom Stewart Filmscreen. The filmscreen has multiple aspect ratios, so whether you’re watching a movie, cable or apple TV the screen will adjust to the correct format for the most immersive theater experience you could hope for.

The Lighting

Lutron lighting makes it possible to create preset lighting scenes and save them to a single, clearly labeled keypad. The clients click the “movie” button and the room transforms, the lights slowly dim off with only the step lights remaining for a true cinematic experience. Every light setting creates a different feel and determines an ambiance of its own. Clients are able to dim the different light types separately; the scone lights, cove lights, spot lights and step lights with the up and down arrows on the keypad.

The Seating

The theater seating was designed to be the appropriate distance from the screen, elevated specifically for an optimal viewing experience for all guests. The 8 recliner chairs are extremely comfortable, motorized and all leather for a home theater that’s even better than the real thing!

The Sound

We worked together with an acoustical design firm called CinemaTech to provide optimal acoustics for the home theater. As every movie buff knows, sound is a crucial aspect of the theater experience, it’s what captivates the viewer and pulls them into the action! The acoustical treatments were put in place to adjust different sound waves; when the sound waves hit the panels the sound disperses uniformly to fully immerse the listener. The different panels we use are meant to reflect and absorb sound for a more direct sound and cleaner dialogue. Instead of having a “best seat in the house”, the acoustics allows everyone in the room to get the same movie experience.

All speakers remain completely unseen; 3 speakers are placed behind the projection screen, 4 in-wall surround speakers and 3 powered subwoofers behind the acoustically transparent fabric ensuring you become a part of the movie while watching it.

If you are considering a state of the art home theater that will transform the way your family experiences entertainment give us a call today. We’ll set up an appointment to see our very own showroom and see what SoundVision can offer you!

For Ever SoundVision Install

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  • A lifetime guarantee on workmanship
  • A simple to use system
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  • An in-house service and support team
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