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At SoundVision, we offer the highest quality and most innovative products available on the market. Most customers are not aware of some of the options available to them. Even more have never seen these products in use. We can’t expect anyone to choose a solution without seeing and understanding how it works. For this reason, we have turned our office into a showroom. While we enjoy the benefits of these products ourselves, we love to show them off even more. Whether you are looking to install a system in your home or are just curious about how some of these products work, we enjoy showing them off and letting our customers see our difference in quality first hand. Here are some examples of products we have installed in our showroom.

Motorized Shades & Window Treatments

You will not see any dangling cords or pulleys on any of the shades in our showroom. Instead, they are all motorized. We can open and close our shades by pressing a button on the wall, an app on our phones, or by telling Alexa (the voice control service by Amazon) to do it for us. We use Lutron and Q-Motion wired and battery powered roller shades, roman shades with natural fabrics, and motorized drapery tracks. We offer a wide variety of motorized window treatment products from roller shades, roman shades, motorized drapes, skylight shades, outdoor shades, bottom-up shades and more.

Lighting Control

All of the lights in our office are controlled by keypads as well as an app that allows us to control individual lights or areas very easily. If the last person to leave the office happens to leave the lights on, we can check from home and turn them off from there. From this app we can turn all the lights in the office on and off at once, individually, or by room. Additionally, we have set scenes that will connect our lighting to other automated parts of the office. For example, if we tell Alexa to “Turn Conference Room TV On,” the shades will close, the lights will dim, and our projector or TV will turn on.

Audio and Speakers

We have a large number of overhead, in-ceiling and in-wall speakers, and invisible speakers and subwoofers throughout our office. We also have a 15.2 (17 speaker) Dolby Atmos Theater. Regardless of where you are, you will hear our music with crystal clear sound that seems to surround you from every angle. Our audio system is all automated as well. From a phone or wall mounted iPad, you can turn the music on and off in the whole office or by individual room.

Hidden TVs and Wallpaper TV

If you were to walk around our office, you would be under the impression that there is one TV in the whole place. This is our 1/8 of an inch thick wallpaper TV. This is mounted on the wall and lays virtually flat against the surface. When turned on, you would be amazed that such a thin product could produce such a bold and vivid picture quality. 

After the awe of this incredible product wears off, you will be even more shocked to hear that there are six more TV’s hidden throughout the office. The first is in our conference room inside a framed painting of the Golden Gate bridge and the bay around it. When turned on, the painting raises up and a TV appears in the frame. The second is also in the conference room, in the form of a screen and projector that both drop down from the ceiling. Our third is behind the large mirror in the front of the office. When turned on, the TV shines brightly through the mirror. There is another TV in the mirror in our bathroom. The fifth is hidden in the cabinet in our showroom, and pops out of the top when turned on. The last one is similar to the first in that it is hidden behind a framed painting, but when we turn it on the frame itself lifts up and the TV is revealed behind.

Outdoor Speakers

Outside of our office, we have a number of speakers installed. They are nearly undetectable, as they are all well hidden and fit into the elements. These outdoor speakers are weatherproof, and can survive harsh winter weather and scorching summer heat. They can be hidden in a bush, shaped like a rock, hidden in the ground, and more. The goal is to have great sound with even coverage, without compromising aesthetics.


With all of the different products we have installed, we want them to be as simple to operate as possible. Our automation system connects all of our products and devices together, making it easy to control all parts of the office. Our shades, lights, music, TV’s, heater and air conditioning can all be turned on and off from the same place. We have an iPad mounted on the wall that controls all of our connected products. We also have a universal remote control and smartphone app with the same capabilities.

If any of these products caught your attention and you would like to see them for yourself, let us know. We enjoy showing off all of our great products and systems. Give us a call or set up a demo, we’d love to show you around!

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