The Engineer creates thorough and accurate proposals and associated documentation. They are responsible for keeping the proposals and drawings accurate and up to date with project changes and as-builts. The Engineer is also responsible for research and development of new technologies, methods, and products related to our systems and services.


$80,000 – $125,000/year




  • Develop and maintain the D-Tools database to facilitate the efficient generation of accurate proposals and associated documents and drawings.
  • Develop and maintain pre-engineered packages and project documentation templates.
  • Support the Designers by providing pre-contract engineering support to facilitate the contracting of new and desirable projects.
  • Receive Hand-off Packages from Designers with a clear understanding of all details.
  • Produce Proposals maximizing use of pre-engineered packages.
  • Produce detailed documentation on-time and on-budget. Review project documentation for accuracy.
  • Communicate consistently with the Project Manager to keep the project documentation, proposal, and time budgets up to date and accurate.
  • Create change orders as necessary to keep all phases of the project on-time and on-budget.
  • Work with Technicians to review documentation in a new project kick-off meeting (as required).
  • Communicate with technicians on the return of documentation from the field for as-built drawings.
  • Research new technologies relevant to the needs of our client base.
  • Train staff on new technologies implemented in our designs.
  • Foster an enthusiastic, creative, “can do” attitude.
  • Share the responsibility for the Company and department goals.


  • Visio, AutoCAD, and D-Tools skills are required.
  • Excel, Word and Outlook skills are required.
  • Lutron and Crestron software skills are desirable.
  • Understanding of electronics, electricity and residential wiring standards
  • Understanding of the SoundVision Body of Knowledge and 3 to 5 years of industry experience.
  • Full understanding of residential construction methods and practices
  • Highly motivated, self-starter with a strong work ethic.
  • Goal oriented, organized and efficient, with excellent time management skills.
  • Natural understanding of software, electrical and mechanical systems.
  • Great verbal and written communication skills.


  1. Maintain and update database and documentation of pre-engineered systems with a focus on performance, value, aesthetic impact, install degree of difficulty, and reliability/serviceability.
  2. Keep Designers current on costs and benefits of pre-engineered system templates.
  3. Provide Designers with pre-contract support in the form of drawings and participation in meetings to facilitate the contracting of new and desirable projects as requested.
  4. Work with Designers to insure accurate and complete project scope documentation using the Design Guides.
  5. Create thorough, accurate proposals based on Design Guides and Scope Documents received from Designers.
  6. Review proposals with Designers, making changes as necessary to aid the Designer in securing the contract to complete the project.
  7. Schedule ALL engineering responsibilities by utilizing the Engineering Priorities document.
  8. Create documentation required in a detailed and efficient manner within the time allotted. Review for accuracy.
  9. Support Project Managers in the form of change orders, drawings, proposal updates and participation in meetings to facilitate the completion of projects as requested.
  10. Assist PMs in maintaining current documentation in project jobsite binders by consistently sending PDFs of drawings when revisions are made and completed.
  11. Responsible for refining the SoundVision process to maximize output, quality and efficiency.
  12. Help clients make the best long term decisions regarding system performance, control, aesthetics and budget.
  13. Treat changes to a project with a sense of urgency, documenting and communicating changes in design scope and time requirements, and then communicating changes to Project Managers with change orders.
  14. Communicate variances from the original design criteria to Project Manager.
  15. Communicate with Technicians such that documentation is returned from the field in a timely manner and as-built drawings are created quickly so that project documentation is always up to date and accurate.
  16. Stay current with available technologies by reading industry publications, researching new products and making recommendations, and updating our designs to keep them current for maximum value and efficiency.
  17. Responsible for full understanding of the SoundVision Body of Knowledge as it pertains to Engineering.
  18. Maintain and update the SoundVision Body of Knowledge.
  19. Aid in field staff training and development.
  20. Keep up to date with SoundVision methods and standards.
  21. Responsible for participating in Company management team as proactive leader and providing input that forwards company’s goals and objectives. This would be evidenced by achieving their department goals, and active participation in meetings that showed forward thinking.
  22. Responsible for the safety and development of crew members as well as being watchdogs for all company operations.
  23. Seek out training and course work for Professional Advancement in Leadership, Management, and Industry technology advances.


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