Transform Your Space Into a Your Movie Theater

We have all dreamt of that magical theater experience: the big screen, the sound dancing around you as if you’re in the movie and all available right from the comfort of your own home. However, the dream fades away without a dedicated space for your own home theater. Thankfully, SoundVision has the solution that can give you that magical big-screen experience without dedicating an entire room.

The Transformative Theater

At the press of a button, we can transform your ordinary, non-conspicuous space into your dream big-screen experience. We keep all the hardware out of sight so it doesn’t detract from your space’s ambiance.

Hiding The Screen In a Transformative Theater

When not in use, we can hide your screen behind a trapped door in your ceiling. You can discreetly hide a screen of any size! When it’s movie time, your screen will automatically lower to the most comfortable viewing height.

The Audio: Heard But Not Seen

Most of your sound system will be in the ceiling. This keeps your speakers out of sight lines so they go unnoticed. In-ceiling audio is a great compromise between aesthetics and quality. They’re also quite hard to pinpoint where the sound is coming from

For more design-conscious spaces, you can have invisible speakers that minimize the aesthetic impact of your sound system even further.

The Dilemma: The Acoustics

Acoustics is one of the big reasons people create dedicated spaces for home theaters. However, most at-home TV experiences aren’t acoustically treated. If your only other alternative is no dedicated home theater, this is a minimal and worthwhile tradeoff you’ll already have with a more traditional watching experience

The sound of your theater system is only as powerful as your room allows it to be. Things like big glass windows, bare walls, and a lack of other softening finishes can ruin your audio. Harsh surfaces like these cause reflections and distortion

Sound Will Leak To The Rest of the Home

The sound limitations aren’t just limited to the watchers, either. Without a properly decoupled room, it’s difficult to confine the sound of your movies to one room. This means that when it’s movie time, you risk disturbing anyone else who may be elsewhere in your home.

Learn More About Your Own Custom Theater

Do you have more questions or are you ready to get started with designing your transformative theater? Give us a call at 415-456-7000 or leave us a message online. We are here to help bring your dreams to life, so feel free to reach out to us.

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