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We regularly look for unique products that can redefine technology in the space. However, certain products distinguish themselves and earn the affection of our customers. So we’ve chosen to curate a selection of some of our customers’ most beloved products, renowned for their ease of use, friendly design and reliability.

Best Design-Centric TV: Frame TV

The Frame TV is a customer favorite when you want a TV but don’t want a black rectangle on your wall. Surrounded by a frame, the Frame TV displays the artwork of your choice when the TV is off. Its ability to match the brightness of the room creates an illusion good enough to fool most. This means your space looks great while still giving you the luxury of a TV. When you’re ready to watch TV, the artwork fades away and reveals your TV-binging canvas with great quality.

Customizable Frame

The thin bezel frame comes in a variety of colors, including white, beige, brown, and black. However, for those looking for a more distinctive touch, we offer dozens of bespoke options.

Custom Art

When in art mode, you can fully customize the artwork displayed. You can upload your own photos or pick from a broad gallery of curated artwork. Partnered with a customizable photo matte and easily changeable artwork, the Frame TV seamlessly blends into the background like any other photo or piece of artwork would while still giving you the enjoyment of a TV.

Most Design-Friendly Speaker: Sonance Invisible Speakers

While music can instantly bring life to your space, a bunch of large speaker grills in your ceiling can detract from your home’s overall aesthetic. Manufacturers have come up with unique solutions to minimize their impact, but nothing can beat Sonance’s invisible speaker lineup.

Frame TV with two invisible speakers outlined in red.

Sound without a Speaker Grill

How is it possible for sound to travel through your wall? Sonance puts their speakers and other sound magic into a square enclosure. Before your drywall even goes up, a placeholder is put into the wall. The drywall gets put up around the placeholder. Then, the placeholder is swapped for the equally sized speaker enclosure. As a final step, the imperfections are caulked to make a perfectly flat finish. Then, the room is painted or wallpapered, including over the speaker, leaving an inconspicuous finished wall that delivers impressive sound.

Minimal Compromise on Sound Quality

While the previous generation of behind-wall speakers sounded poor, the Sonance Invisible Series sound as good as many traditional mid-range in-ceiling speakers. Not only do they sound great, but their sound dispersion makes it hard to pinpoint where the music comes from. Combined with their invisible appearance, these speakers seem to magically fill your home with sound.

Our favorite home audio control system: Sonos S2

Sonos S2 is the easiest way to play all your favorite music throughout your home. See our full guide on using Sonos S2.

All Your Favorite Music, Anywhere In Your Home

You can easily control what’s playing in any room from any computer, tablet or phone on your Wi-Fi. You can play music from over 40 streaming services including Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora and even a turntable. From any device, you can easily adjust the volume of your music and change which room they play in. 

Not Limited to In-Ceiling Speakers

For less common spaces, Sonos has excellent standalone speakers that are compatible with the rest of your home, allowing you to bring your favorite music anywhere.

Most luxurious motorized shade: Lutron Palladiom

Although many automated shades are on the market, none are as full-featured and reliable as Lutron’s shades. While Lutron offers several options, the Lutron Palladiom differs from others with an exposed roller.

Can Fit Any Window

Lutron’s shades are highly customizable. Thanks to adjustable width rollers that can hold long fabrics, Lutron Palladiom shades can fit any window in your


Infinitely Customizable Fabrics and Finishes

Lutron offers a variety of fabrics depending on how you use your space. They provide traditional fabrics such as blackout and sheer. Lutron also has unique offerings, including one fabric that can give you your view, cut down the glare and provide privacy from onlookers outside. However, if you have a fabric in mind, you can use your own fabrics with any Lutron Palladiom.

The external enclosure is also customizable. Choose from a variety of brushed metals or painted plastics that best complement your space and fabric.

Looks Good Even Part Way Down

Lutron’s patented hembar alignment means that all the shades in a single room will rise and lower at the same speed. You’ll never see Lutron shades lower at different speeds or stop at different heights, keeping a clean aesthetic in your home regardless of the shade position. 

Versatile Installation

Lutron shades are available as hardwired and battery-powered options. We strongly recommend hardwiring when possible, but the battery-powered Palladiom is great for retrofits. The battery life is expected to last 5-10 years and is easily user-replaceable. 

Best Cable Cutting Replacement: YouTube TV

As more people are embracing cutting the cord, we find ourselves recommending YouTube TV more often. YouTube TV has no rental fees, no contract and can be watched anywhere. All you need is a streaming device like an Apple TV or Roku (or a smart TV) and a strong internet connection and you’re good to go! YouTube TV has all your favorite cable channels. YouTube TV has an automatic, unlimited-space DVR at no additional cost. To check everything we love about YouTube TV, check out our article on all its features.

Most impressive Soundbar: Sonos Arc

The Sonos Arc is one of our customer’s favorite choices when you want great sound while maintaining a simple setup that doesn’t require in-ceiling speakers. 


The Sonos Arc’s minimalistic design makes it inconspicuous in your space. You can have it in white to blend in with a bright wall, or black to match most TVs. Alternatively, we can make a custom enclosure to make the Sonos Arc brilliantly tie into any space.

Raised 49" Samsung 4K TV on a Nexus L-50 Motorized Lift to raise the TV out of a custom cabinet with a Sonos Arc Sound bar


The Sonos Arc is one of the most versatile sound bars on the market. Like any soundbar, you can place it on your media console. However, we can also mount it directly to the wall for a more minimalistic and flexible approach. For TVs on a swivel mount or motorized mount, the Sonos Arc can even be mounted to move with your TV.

Most Impressive Smart LED: Ketra

Example of how Ketra lights can change the color temperature of a room

While most smart LEDs are only known for changing to any color, the Ketra Smart LED transforms your light throughout your day or for your artwork. Ketra is the most customizable Smart LED on the market while maintaining amazing color accuracy over such a wide color temperature range.

Match Outdoor Lighting With Adjustable Color Temperature

The Ketra light can intelligently change the color temperature (warm/coolness) to match the ambient color temperature outside. Have you noticed how yellow or orange the light gets in the afternoon compared to the middle of the day? Ketra will make sure your home lighting follows this trend based on the time of day and location of your home.

The Ketra smart light can behave like a warm dim light or stay at a specific temperature. Regardless, most values carry a color accuracy of CRI 90 (including R9) between 1,400k to 10,000k.

Enhanced Vibrancy

For those with special artwork, the Ketra light can fine-tune the vibrancy of individual colors. For example, if you have a unique piece of artwork with dull reds, the Ketra light can be adjusted to increase the vibrancy of those reds.

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