Why Service Is Important To SoundVision

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We work hard to test and engineer trouble-free solutions that last for years. If it were up to us, we’d install systems into the home, hand them off to the client and then never need to return. Our clients would prefer it this way too! If we don’t come back, that usually means all our systems work beautifully and enhance their home. Most of our customers call us to rave about how much they love their installs. Other times, old customers call us years later when they move or want to upgrade.

However, even the most robust systems have issues and need to be taken care of by a SoundVision professional. These issues can happen for various reasons including equipment failures, updates, bugs and user errors. Regardless of the issue, servicing our installs for life aligns with our goal to provide systems that exceed expectations. We begin with service in mind and believe the service aspect is just as important as the initial install.

Here are the main reasons we have kept a dedicated service department for nearly two decades.

Quick Response

For other companies without a dedicated service department, a service request can only be handled when a technician is not installing new systems. In an industry as busy as ours, that could mean weeks! If it’s something as crucial as a lighting control system or an internet outage, even a couple of days could be excruciating!

Thankfully, SoundVision’s dedicated service department allows us to always have technicians exclusively available for service calls. We have done thousands of installs, and each one has access to service for the lifetime of the installation. Needless to say, our service department is a necessity to ensure everyone stays online.

Always Have the Customer’s Best Interest in Mind

No one likes it when things don’t work as expected, especially when it’s a system we use a lot! When a TV system or a part of a Lighting Control system goes down, we want to make sure those systems are up and running as soon as possible. And unlike many integrators, we don’t believe system upgrades are the only solution. Instead, we ensure our systems are easy to diagnose and service by keeping records for decades. We keep all engineering drawings, control system programs, information on installed products and tons more. 

Before we come on-sight, we strive to review all our material to predetermine what caused the issue and form a solution. That way when we arrive on-site, we are already well-versed in your system. All that’s left is for us to execute a pre-designed plan. As a result, you spend less time with a system down and more time enjoying your system. You have the peace of mind that we will always take care of your system!

Is Service Important To You?

We make it our goal to do everything we can to design systems from the ground up for trouble-free system performance. For the rare times things do have issues, SoundVision will bring you back online in no time. If quick service and minimal downtime are important to you when it comes to your home technology, then give us a call at 415-456-7000 and learn what else SoundVision can do for you. We’re here to serve our customers, not sell to them.

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