How To Play Records on Your Turntables Throughout Your Home

Like many other media types, music has slowly transitioned from CDs to streaming services. Streaming has become popular because it’s easy to play nearly anything. With little effort, you can pick up your phone and listen to almost any artist, album, song, or playlist. Almost anything can be streamed in seconds, no matter what music you’re in the mood for. There’s so much ease and convenience behind streaming music that it takes away an aspect of music that many have lost over the years.

The Experience of Picking Music

Audiophile room with empty poster frame mockup, green stucco wall with extruded shapes, large wood table for records, vinyl player, music records and a plant, rays of light from a window and shadows

There was a charisma behind physical music. The process of picking the right music was part of the experience. You couldn’t choose a playlist of all your favorites. You chose from albums and listened to them from beginning to end just as the artist intended.

While streaming services were busy chasing accessibility and cost savings, they failed to realize that picking the right music for the occasion was part of the overall experience. Listening to music was an activity in itself. You couldn’t pick through playlists but instead, we flipped through albums. When you found the right album, you’d listen to all the songs in order. There was no shuffle, especially for records. 

Sometimes even the liner notes would come into consideration when picking an album. Once you select an album, you’d be invested in that album. The choice was special because it was curated to the moment. It was enjoyed on its own, not while chores or other things were being done. It was actively listened to and enjoyed.

Drawbacks of Records

Of course, there were drawbacks when physical media was dominant. The most notable one was the accessibility. Did you want to listen to records in your living room? Then you needed an amplifier, speakers and a record player in that room. What if you decided to listen to that album in your study instead? Well, you needed another amplifier, another set of speakers and another record player.

Records needed a space dedicated to listening. If you wanted to continue listening to your music somewhere else, you couldn’t! Even if you had multiple record players, your records are all in one spot. Thankfully, Sonos can fix this issue.

Sonos Turntable Integration

Vinyl Turntable on a shelf against a window

Thanks to Sonos, we can bring all the convenience of streaming while retaining the experience of picking a record. You can still enjoy the experience of flipping through your records without compromising on the listening experience. We can connect any turntable to your Sonos system, allowing you to play your records anywhere in your home. 

You can still have your turntable wherever you want! Instead of having multiple record players throughout the home, you can now have one. Then your turntable can always stay with your vinyl collection. Once you decide on the perfect album, you can play your vinyl in any room in the house. Now you can enjoy your favorite classics through your high-performance home sound system.

If you want to play records throughout your home or upgrade your home’s sound system, call us at 415-456-7000.

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