Bottom-Up Shades: Get Views and Privacy Simultaneously

When picking motorized window treatments, functionality and aesthetics must come hand in hand. Thankfully, bottom-up shades are an innovative solution that helps stylishly bring privacy to your space. Here are a few reasons you may prefer bottom-up shades for the windows in your home.

A Stylish Way To Control Shades

As the name suggests, bottom-up shades allow the shades to rise from the bottom. This offers a unique aesthetic otherwise not possible with traditional motorized shades. Bottom-up shades still offer vast customizability, ensuring they beautifully tie in with your existing decor.

Unobstructed View With Privacy

Sometimes we want to enjoy our view but need additional privacy. While a traditional shade can only offer one or the other, a bottom-up shade can give you both. With bottom-up shades, you can cover the lower portion of your windows for privacy while still enjoying your view from above.

Customizable to Any Space

Like all our motorized shade offerings, bottom-up shades can be customized to nearly any size, fabric and color. Our privacy shades are the perfect complement for bottom-up shades. They cut down the harshness and intensity of light coming through. Our sheer fabric also cuts down light, allowing you to look through it. Thankfully, you can spec our sheer shades to only be see-through in one direction, still giving you top-tier privacy.

Solutions From Lutron, Hunter Douglas and Somfy

Hunter Douglas has traditionally been the leader in bottom-up shades, but now we can offer them with Lutron and Somfy motors to match the aesthetic of the rest of your home with the convenience of motorization. You can pick from any brand you’d like. However, we prefer Lutron for their consistent reliability and broad customizability. However, our bottom-up shades can be had in whichever brand you choose.

Don’t Miss Out On The Privacy You Deserve

Bottom-up shades finally bring you the privacy you deserve without disrupting your views. If you’re ready for the perfect balance between your view, privacy and customizability, call us at 415-456-7000, and we can help you find the perfect solution for your home and lifestyle.

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