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It’s 7AM, and you need to get up and start your day. Instead of being woken by the monotonous ringing of an alarm, you are woken peacefully. Your shades open to let in the morning light. Your favorite song fades in. Your house has already been warmed, and you wake up comfortably and easily. Tonight you are hosting a dinner party. As you prepare for your meal, you and your guests want to enjoy some cocktails in the backyard. As you walk outside, you press “Entertain” and the outside and pool lights turn on, and a playlist you have already put together plays quietly in the background. Dinner is now ready. As your guests enter the dining room, you press “Dinner” and the lights dim, and your dinner playlist softly comes to life. After dinner your kids want to watch a film. They press “Movie” and the lights in your entertainment room turn off, a screen drops from the ceiling, and the sound of an action film fills the room. When its time for bed, you press “Goodnight” and all the lights in the house turn off, your alarm is activated, and the house temperature drops to a comfortable sleeping level.

All these home automation features and more can be installed with SoundVision. When installed, we will give you complete control of your home right from your phone. Now you can control your entertainment, lighting, comfort, and safety easily and conveniently from your device.

Available Features

Lighting– With home automation, you can control any light in your house from your device. You can set your system to turn the lights off in empty rooms, saving you energy. You can set a schedule to turn your lights on when you arrive home. You can turn all of your lights off with a single button at night.

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Climate Control– You can adjust your house temperature while home or away so you will be comfortable by the time you get home. You can schedule your shades to close during the heat of the day to cool the house without the use of air conditioning. You can set different rooms at different temperatures to keep all members of the household happy and comfortable.

Home security– You can lock your doors, close the shades, and set the alarm from your home or from anywhere in the world. You can set up lights to turn on and off in different rooms to give the appearance that someone is home, even when the house is empty. You can keep an eye on the house through security cameras on your device from outside of the home.

Home entertainment– You can customize playlists and sync them with your scenes to create the desired mood in any room. You can control and switch between all gaming consoles quickly. You can stream video from Apple TV, Netflix, Hulu, and more straight to synced TVs and devices. All entertainment systems and features can be controlled with one remote or app.

If you want control of every aspect of your home, SoundVision can make this happen. When complete, we will make all technologies in your home easy to connect, easy to use, and allow you peace of mind throughout every part of your day. You will never struggle to connect or use your technologies again. Once you let SoundVision turn your house into an automated home, you will never want to go back.

If you have any questions or would like this technology installed in your home today, give us a call!

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